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Sustainable Energy Technologies Fund

Sustainable Energy Technologies Fund - I (SET) is a venture capital fund investing in Turkish energy technology businesses. SET is the sole vehicle for ERIH Ventures’ in the cleantech sector with a dedicated cleantech team. SET provides seed and start up capital to Turkish clean technology businesses with clear infrastructure optionality.


SET's investment strategy is driven by Turkey’s profound environmental challenges, resource dependency and government commitment. Underlying the SET opportunities are cross border technology transfers and local market adoption, where the SET team is experienced implementers. SET have particular expertise in renewable energy technologies, smart grid, waste to energy infrastructure, power storage and biofules. We seek a balanced portfolio in terms of sub-sectors, while maintaining an overweight of mature, expansion stage companies that have proven commercial technologies and unique Turkey advantages. SET tends to be an active shareholder, providing a range of supporting services to our portfolio companies.

SET Fund I
Areas of interest

A list of investment themes or areas of interest:


• intelligent electrical power network technologies (smart grid or microgrids, power management, ...)

• power quality and reliability technologies

• technologies for electrical, chemical and mechanical storage (e.g. batteries, flywheels, hydrogen, ...)

• energy efficiency

• clean power harvesting and conversion technologies (renewable energy, wind, solar, biomass, ...)

Investment criteria



We make investments in companies:


• domiciled in Turkey and preferably supported or cooperated by TUBITAK at any stage

• having an outstanding management team that focus on large international markets

• having a business model that combines a credible growth strategy with the potential to become a market leader in their sector

• owning defendable intellectual property

• having a proven technology base, as minimally evidenced by the existence of a proof of concept and by a fully understood mode of action

• being privately held



We look for investments with the following profile:


• equity investments resulting in a significant minority stake

• initial investment (typically USD 500,000 - USD 2,500,000) in the first or second VC rounds

• our main focus is on early stage companies typically requiring funding for commercialization

• allow for an exit strategy via IPO and/or trade sale within a period of 3 to 5 years after initial investment

• the fund will keep a reserve for follow-on investments




If your project meets these criteria, we would like to review it with you. The fact that your venture may still be in a conceptual stage, your team is not yet complete or that your business plan is not yet completely finished, should not keep you from contacting us, because we will help you in improving jointly the investment opportunity if we find it with merit.


Since the quality of the management team is one of our most important investment criteria, we prefer to be in contact directly (or soon after an initial contact) with the entrepreneurs themselves.

Areas of Interest

If you wish to be eligible for an investment by ERIH Ventures, we kindly ask you to email us to  get the application form.


At ERIH Ventures' Sustainable Energy Technologies Fund -I (SET), we focus on investments between USD 500,000 and USD 2,500,000.


If you have any questions regarding the procedures or the criteria, please feel free to contact us by mail.


Contact by telephone on the application is not possible.


Treatment of your application may take some time. You will always receive a response from us.


Please note

Contrary to popular belief, business plans do not generate business financing. True, there are many kinds of financing options that require a business plan, but nobody invests in a business plan. Investors need a business plan as a document that communicates ideas and information, but they invest in a company, in a product, in an idea and in people.



We would like to confirm that all the information that has been sent and shared would be treated confidentially. We will not sign a confidentiality agreement. You will receive back all the information sent after completion of the procedure.

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